PFS expert panel to help advice firms with sustainable financial advice

4 October 2023

The Personal Finance Society has established a new panel of advisers, policy professionals and sustainable finance experts to enhance advice standards and consumer outcomes around climate change and other sustainability challenges.

The PFS Sustainable Financial Advice Panel will help PFS members to embed sustainability into the advice they provide to consumers and ensure that the profession is at the heart of policy development in this space.

Don MacIntyre, PFS CEO said:”Personal finance professionals have vital role to play in making the urgent changes needed to meet the Paris Climate goals and the transition towards a sustainable economy. Our new panel will set standards for advisers as well as providing PFS members with the support, guidance and training that will enable them to give consumers consistent, high-quality advice on sustainable finance and related areas.”

The Panel comprises 10 external experts, chaired by Don MacIntyre, CEO, PFS and facilitated by the CII Group. The members are:

Don MacIntyre (Chair), PFS
Clémence Chatelain, CCLA
Lee Coates OBE ESG Accord (Accord Initiative) Petra Deavall, St James Place
Elly Dowding, ESG Accord (Accord Initiative) Julia Dreblow, SRI Services
Sebastian Elwell, Switchfoot Wealth
Rebecca Kowalski, Overstory Finance
Nicole Sykes, Pro Bono Economics
Alan Whittle, Director, Unburdened Solutions Alena Zbirenko, Hugh James
Ian Simons, Content and Capabilities Director, CII Dr Matthew Connell, CII

The Panel also includes Nicoletta Paraskeva, senior associate at the FCA, in an observing capacity.

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