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Pensions Dashboard on track with MAPS appointment

3 July 2019

The Money and Pensions Service (MAPS) has announced the appointment of Angela Pober as implementation director of the Pensions Dashboard Industry Delivery Group (IDG).

The appointment follows the DWP’s Pensions Dashboard paper in April 2019, which set out the practical steps necessary to implement the Pensions Dashboards, starting with the establishment of the industry delivery group by the end of the summer and establishing the government’s intention “to introduce dashboards as quickly as possible”.

At the same time MAPS has appointed CapGemini to produce the business case and roadmap for the Dashboards.

Pensions Dashboards will ensure UK pension holders have easy access to what pensions they have, who manages them, and what they are worth.

Pober comes to the role after 15 years in the financial services sector delivering large and complex change and IT programmes, most recently at Deloitte and PwC. MAPS said Pober will have responsibility for developing detailed plans and driving delivery of the IDG business plan.

A key first step for the IDG will be to produce a plan for how the dashboard architecture and data standards will be developed with the industry, and pension schemes brought on board over the next 3-4 years.

At the same time, MAPS will begin work to design, test and build a consumer facing dashboard, working closely with the IDG and employing extensive use testing.

Pober said: “The Pensions Dashboard is at the heart of providing people with information about their financial provision once they finish work and I am excited to be driving this project forward over the next two years, knowing that its aim is to fundamentally change for the better the way we all save for our retirement.”

Commenting on Pober’s appointment Anthony Rafferty, Managing Director Origo, the Fintech heavily involved in developing the pension finder service element of the Pensions Dashboards prototype, said: “This is a significant milestone for the progression of the Pensions Dashboards, enabling the momentum of the project to pick up pace and align all the necessary elements that are required to make Dashboards a reality for individual pension holders looking to identify and assess their full pension provision and thereby better plan for their retirement.

“Origo has been committed to seeing the Pensions Dashboards launched in the quickest possible time for UK pension holders and welcomes the opportunity to work with the new director to that end.”

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