New PFS Paraplanner Panel member: Sasha Wakefield

8 July 2021

Following the appointment to the Personal Finance Society (PFS) Paraplanner Panel of three new members – Lyndsey Fraser, Catherine Esland and Sasha Wakefield – this week we hear from each of the new panel members about themselves, their views on paraplanning and what they want to achieve by joining the panel.

The full PFS Paraplanner panel now consists of: Caroline Stuart, Sparrow Paraplanning; Martin Green, Chadney Bulgin Financial Planning; Alan Gow, Argonaut Paraplanning; Rebecca Tuck, Paradigm Norton; Lyndsey Fraser, Rathbones Financial Planning; Catherine Esland, Succession Wealth; Sasha Wakefield.

You can find the appointment story here and the views of Lyndsey Fraser here and Catherine Esland here.

Today we hear from Sasha Wakefield (FPFS, Chartered MSCI, STEP Affiliate). Sasha is currently transitioning between employers.

I am a Chartered Financial Planner and Fellow of the PFS, with a passion for paraplanning. I have worked in Financial Services for 15 years, having initially started off in banking with a long stint at a platform firm in the middle.

But I found myself looking for a career which could bring not only variety of work but also allow me continuously grow and that is what lead me to paraplanning.

For me, there is nothing more that fills me with delight than being in the midst of a technically challenging report, creating a good old-fashioned cashflow graph or discussing a client’s advice strategy with the financial planner. I love that no two days (or two client cases) are the same!

Why join the panel?
Although I have been in financial services for some time, I found it daunting making the move into the profession. However, it wasn’t long before I realised what a friendly, supportive and technically minded bunch of people paraplanners are. The willingness of those within the community to guide me throughout my journey has been second to none and I truly believe that without those individuals I might not have continued to push myself into the profession.

So, I hope that I can give something back to the community by sharing my enthusiasm, knowledge and experience of paraplanning thus far.

I may be seen as a paraplanning ‘newbie’ having only been in paraplanning for around three years, but  I feel that I can offer a fresh insight into joining the profession.

Although paraplanning fills my geeky heart with bliss at the sight of an IHT calculation, it has also allowed me to work collaboratively with so many amazing individuals especially within the paraplanning community itself. I hope to share my love for all things paraplanning and voice how it can be such a fulfilling career.

The paraplanning profession has developed thick and fast since it began, and I believe it has now become a fundamental role in the financial advice process. I think it is now considered a profession in its own right. It is great to see the those within the community work together to develop content and events specifically for paraplanners.

The PFS Paraplanner panel team hopes to work alongside other paraplanner initiatives to provide ongoing support, technical and networking events and give a sense of community to those at any stage of their career.


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