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lang cat Platform Analyser adds AKG ratings

14 June 2020

The lang cat Platform Analyser now includes AKG ratings as part of the due diligence tool for advisers.

AKG assesses financial services companies, producing capital adequacy and platform ratings, among others. Its ratings provide an independent assessment of a company’s financial strength at an operational level. See Professional Paraplanner’s Research Focus: AKG.

Within the platform sector AKG considers a wide range of factors including the platform’s capital and asset position, profitability, parental strength, operating environment and ability to withstand external market forces.

Platform Analyser subscribers can either use the financial strength ratings as a single measure when performing a business analysis screening or as part of a broader due diligence project alongside other criteria from the lang cat’s 11,500 data points across 25 advised platforms.

Terry Huddart, head of Proposition at the lang cat, comments: “The AKG ratings are a highly respected independent assessment of a platform’s financial strength and advisers have told us of their importance in due diligence exercises. We felt adding the ratings to Platform Analyser would provide a great deal of extra value to advisers using the tool for platform selection. We are continually developing Platform Analyser’s functionality based on user requirements and feedback and look forward to adding a number of new features in the coming months.”

Alongside the interactive tool, Platform Analyser subscribers receive regular insight and publications from the lang cat to keep them up to date with industry developments, including quarterly adviser servicing ratings. Advice professionals can find further information and sign up to a free seven-day trial of Platform Analyser HERE.

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