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Investment Committee Webinar: What prospects for bonds? Better than you may think

4 August 2020

In this webinar BMO Multi-Manager team fixed income specialist Kelly Prior examines the fixed income market, looking in particular at the opportunity set and changes in the world of corporate bonds.


Since the Global Financial Crisis, the real return for leaving cash in the bank has been negative. Consequently, savers and investors have to make money work a lot harder to achieve a return above inflation. Central banks deliberately pushed savers into risk assets which resulted in a boon for both equities and bonds alike as the risk free rate plummeted, but it meant finding assets that could give a steady income and stable capital base was ever more challenging.

Kelly examines the current position with income producing assets and the role bonds can perform in a portfolio in more challenging times.

She will also answer the question why active management in this space is more important now than ever for investors, in the face of the upcoming US election, rising default rates, and the ongoing Covid-19 crisis.

Learning outcomes
• To understand the nature and use of bonds.
• To understand how the bond market has reached its current position and what this means for investors
• To understand key factors in the technical analysis of bonds
• To understand market fundamentals such as default rates, political and economic factors on current bond investment


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