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Investment Committee Webinar: Dissecting income for 2020 and beyond

2 July 2020

Professional Paraplanner invites you to join our next Investment Committee webinar, presented by Fidelity International, looking at the important topic of income, including practical tips in respect of the outlook for dividends.

Date and time: Tuesday Jul 14, 2020 10:30 AM


Webinar topic:

Given the nature of the shock of COVID-19 to the financial system, the economy and corporate and household behaviour, assets with steady incomes and predictable outcomes have never been more appealing. However, the sudden drop in economic activity as a result of the outbreak means many companies will not have incoming cashflows available to distribute onwards to investors.
Against a complex backdrop of global macro uncertainty, in this webinar Fidelity will tackle the key issues currently shaping the landscape across traditional and alternative areas of the income universe.
In particular, they will provide some practical tips to navigate an environment where corporate fundamentals point to a mixed outlook for dividends at home and abroad.

Learning outcomes
• Recognise some of the key structural trends that have suppressed yields and the outlook for income-generating assets in 2020.
• Gain an insight into how to navigate an environment where the overall prospects for dividend growth appear more subdued.
• Understand the benefits that fixed income offers a diversified portfolio and how to effectively balance duration and credit risk in today’s environment.

Structured CPD is being sought for the event and attendees are encouraged to create a learning statement of their own personal learning for documenting in their CPD log.


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