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Industry needs inclusivity of all learning needs

28 April 2020

The financial services industry must do more to recognise individuals with dyslexia and other learning conditions, according to Telford Mann Pensions & Investments.

The firm said the advice industry must be more inclusive to people of all learning styles and abilities, with the introduction of an examination system that allows everyone to thrive.

Jilly Mann, joint managing director, Telford Mann Pensions & Investments (pictured), said: “The financial services industry needs to do more to recognise individuals with dyslexia and other such learning conditions. It cannot afford to lose some of the brightest minds because we spend too long blinkered by either coursework or exams.

“If the industry were to better understand the subtleties of these conditions, it would be rewarded with some incredibly loyal and dedicated individuals.”

Mann said the firm’s own experience of training recruits had shown that people learn in different ways and with adapted support, everyone can flourish. The firm currently has nine chartered financial planners, with at least three more due to achieve that status in 2020 and is keen to encourage school leavers and university graduates to consider financial planning as a profession.

Jon Telford, joint managing director, Telford Mann (pictured), said: “Increasingly, clients are searching for financial advisers based on their qualifications and commitment to their profession. Often when I ask a potential new client what is important to them and why they contacted us, one of the first things they comment on is how they want a chartered firm and a Chartered Financial Planner to look after them.”

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