How to manage time efficiently and increase your productivity – Part 2

31 January 2021

Beset by unproductive days, Lewis Byford, co-founder of Antony George, tried numerous solutions until he found the ones that worked for him. In the second instalment of a four-part article, he shares his experience and the best techniques he has found to become focussed and productive during the working day.

Thank you for joining me again, I hope you can see the benefits of part one, and I’m excited to show you what part two looks like.

In this article I want to talk about a technique that many have heard of, but many haven’t – even myself, until recently. I want you to think about your morning. The first hour and half of your working day. What did you do? Do you even know? Did you check your emails? Gossip with work colleagues? Most of the time, people are not even aware of how they spend that time, and I bet you are the same. I was.

One thing that helped me was to write down everything I did in the morning: So… arrived at the office, turned my computer on, and made a cup of tea. You will be surprised how little a lot of people do in the morning. The frustrating thing is that when your brain has just woken up from a great sleep it’s more productive and it’s the best time to get things done, especially the most critical tasks.

Now, this is where the 90/90/1 Rule and technique comes in. I came across this technique from a book called The 5 AM Club, by Robin Sharma. For those of you who don’t know of Robin, he is an elite leadership and performance coach and expert that has mentored and trained some of the most successful people in the world. This is a technique he teaches.

The 90/90/1 technique explains that for 90 days you should make a schedule (if something is scheduled its more likely to get done). The first 90 minutes of your working day should be focussed on 1 activity and this activity should be given 100% of your concentration. Limit every interruption, turn off your phone and shut down your emails. You need to devote 100% of your brains function on your one activity for 90 minutes.

When I first did this, I couldn’t believe how much I got done. When I reviewed my previous morning routine and how little was achieved, it was surprising. I started the day off right EVERY SINGLE DAY, and also, through-out my day I was more present and more in the moment. There’s a great quote from Nigel Risner – ‘Be Present be in the moment’.

I ask you to give the 90/90/1 a go. The results will be amazing; you will startle yourself at how much you get done for 90 days that you won’t ever stop using it.

If you have any questions around this, please do not hesitate to ask! You can find me over on LinkedIn or here are my contact details to get in touch: Email: [email protected] Phone number: 01268 669 313


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