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Growing interest in financial advice as a career

16 July 2019

One in four employees is considering new opportunities in the advice sector, highlighting growing interest in financial advice as a career, according to research by Openwork. 

A nationwide study found one in 10 would definitely consider retraining as an adviser, while a further 15% said they would consider a career switch into the advice sector.

Those between 25 and 45 were most likely to pursue a career in advice, with around one in six stating they would “definitely look” at becoming advisers, while 20% would consider it.

The career path also found greater favour among men, with 17% of male respondents “definitely considering” becoming advisers, and 18% noting they would consider it. In contrast, just 6% of women answered that they would “definitely consider” becoming advisers, and 13% would consider it.

However, the survey found that the overall numbers would be higher if there was more support in the form of training – one in five (20%) said they would look at a career in advice depending on the training available.

Claire Limon, director of learning and acquisition, Openwork, said: “The growing interest in careers in financial advice is interesting and particularly at a time when demand for advice is increasing.

“It is particularly interesting that it’s people aged 25 to 45 who are most likely to consider changing career to the advice sector. A career in financial advice offers a wide range of opportunities to help people and earn a good living.”

Openwork runs a training academy designed to encourage more people to become advisers. It has welcomed 54 trainees to the scheme so far this year, with a further three intakes planned for the rest of 2019.

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