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FTRC launches protection product ratings on Protection Guru

21 May 2020

The Financial Technology Research Centre (FTRC) has launched its protection product ratings on its Protection Guru website.

The ratings, which were previously only available to users of the Quality Analyser software, benchmark up to ten key features considered the most relevant to advisers when selecting cover for their clients.

Providers who meet the key criteria, have a robust customer claims strategy and have received positive feedback from users of the Quality Analyser software, are awarded either a gold, silver or bronze rating. 

In addition, the research consultancy said that over 15,000 tables detailing insurers approach to different aspects of Covid-19 have been downloaded since the launch of Protection Guru’s dedicated microsite in late March. 

Ian McKenna, director, FTRC, said: “The ratings and the Protection Guru website provided by FTRC ensures advisers are fully informed when providing protection advice. Using these tools, and the ability to conduct full product analysis from our research using Quality Analyser, enables advisers to demonstrate that they’ve conducted an independent assessment and that the advice they’ve given is fully compliant. 

“So, they are beneficial services for both advisers and their clients. It is also great to see our COVID19 microsite being used so regularly.”

Charley Higson, mortgage and protection director, TFA, said: “Protection Guru is a mine of information for advisers which helps us every day.  Making the FTRC Protection Product Ratings available via the site is another great step forward to help us document why we select better quality products over the cheapest to achieve better customer outcomes.”

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