APRIL 2021


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Financial Abuse Specialist certification launch by Standards International

28 July 2020

Standards International launching a new certification course designed for individual financial professionals to achieve the designation of Financial Abuse Specialist™.

The course is being run is delighted to announce in conjunction with Amanda Cassar, the global ambassador for financial abuse.

The course is designed to educate around the topic of financial abuse via subject reading, links to additional resource materials and a series of video case studies. There is a final assessment process that needs to be completed in order for certification to be formally awarded.

The course is designed to be completed online from anywhere in the world and provides an understanding of the topic and skills needed to handle a case of suspected financial abuse, together with recommended next steps and courses of action.

The final assessment process is designed to enable the candidate to demonstrate the application of knowledge via a three-stage submittal of supplementary evidence, including a case study, document suite and video testimonial. A final assessment workbook is included within the course to explain the process in more detail.

Michelle Hoskin, managing director of Standards International says: “Sadly, financial abuse is becoming increasingly more visible on a global scale. It can occur irrespective of socio-economic category, level of education, race, sex or ethnicity.

“Every day there are people suffering from financial abuse, often with very little knowledge of where to go for much-needed support. By undertaking the Financial Abuse Specialist™ certification course you will be helping to make a difference and be the light at the end of someone’s very dark tunnel.”

The course and completion of the final assessment process costs £697 +VAT in the UK. The certificate is renewable annually.

Further information on the certification and a YouTube video conversation about financial abuse between Michelle and Amanda can be found here: https://standardsinternational.co.uk/certification/financial-abuse-specialist/


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