Webinar: Practical ways to create personal resilience: Tuesday 10 October: 12pm

29 September 2023

This webinar is part of our Development Zone in association with Fidelity Adviser Solutions

In this webinar, the fourth in our series by mental health specialist Patrick Melville, he will build on his previous webinar on the importance of developing mental resilience to provide practical ways to create your own personal resilience.

In this webinar you will find out how to:

• Creating your personal resilience through specific part of our minds

• Benefits and ways to build a mental resilience

• Re-frame thinking

• Clarify meaning and purpose

• Deepen Connectivity

• Practice Positivity

• Moderate Stress

• Manage Emotions

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Patrick’s first two webinars you can find under the Video tab on the Professional Paraplanner website.

1. Webinar: Managing stress as a Paraplanner

2. Webinar: Creating & maintaining boundaries

3. Webinar: The importance of mental resilience and how to develop it

Also, Patrick has written five articles for us so far, which you can find on the Professional Paraplanner website:
Article 1: Mental Health – what does it mean within the financial planning workplace?
Article 2: Is it ok to be stressed?
Article 3: Managing the emotional side of anxiety
Article 4: It’s important to celebrate your successes
Article 5: Controlling the Mind through Time
Article 6: Managing our expectations with the power of lists

Mian image: tim-foster-aelKVrznFGA-unsplash

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