NEW WEBINAR: (Trade) wars…what are they good for? July 15: 12:30pm

4 July 2024

For the latest Investment Committee Webinar – EdenTree look forward to potential Market Insights for Q3 2024, under the heading (Trade) wars…what are they good for? Presented by Matt Parlour.


Matt says of the event:

(Trade) wars…what are they good for?  

With apologies to Edwin Starr.

The next line of the lyrics to Starr’s 1970 hit (War) answers the question with; “Absolutely nothing.”

Unless of course you are Donald Trump. The Donald is on record as saying that “trade wars are good and easy to win”, and with the realistic prospect of Trump winning the Presidential race in November it seems prudent to understand what this could mean for trade and the global economy.

Before then, the process to confirm the UK’s membership of the CPTPP is likely to be completed, but what will this trans-pacific trade partnership mean for the UK in both economic and geopolitical terms? How does the UK’s trading relationship with the rest of the world look post-Brexit?

Given recent attacks on merchant vessels passing through the Red Sea, we will look at trade routes and examine their importance to international commerce. What other choke points to trade exist, and what could disruptions to global trade mean in terms of inflation?

With the “Chips War” between the world’s largest economies continuing to escalate, how important is China’s role in the global supply chain for semi-conductors…the computing power driving the AI Revolution?

This seminar will seek to provide practical insight to help you answer these questions.

Following this presentation you will be able to:

• Understand the importance of global trade and the potential threats that exist to this trade.
• Discuss the implications of delays to global supply chains for inflation and economic growth
• Summarise the potential impact of the US Presidential Election upon global trade.


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