Dynamic Planner launches single strategy fund risk profiling

17 January 2024

Dynamic Planner has launched a new risk profile service for single strategy funds.

The Single Strategy Mapped Service sources data directly from fund providers, which Dynamic Planner says enables a level of granularity not previously available.

The findings give advice firms the ability to create diversified porfolios with far greater accuracy, according to the software provider, and clearer, more representative risk look-through to ensure suitability.

Holdings are mapped against Dynamic Planner’s 72 asset classes.

Chris Jones, chief proposition officer at Dynamic Planner, said: “As financial markets have evolved and become more complex, we have ensured that we accurately analyse the underlying holdings of the solutions that we risk profile and map them to our risk factors within our Asset Risk Model. Dynamic Planner users who also build advised portfolios have asked for the same level of granularity and we are pleased to be able to support them with the Single Strategy Mapped Service.”

Jones said that against a backdrop of Consumer Duty and PROD, the new service also enables the fund manager to more simply and clearly communicate whether a fund is intended to be distributed as a solution or part of a portfolio.

“Recent geopolitical events have raised the awareness and importance of things such as duration, cap size and location within a traditional asset class not only amongst our users but also their clients. We hear that being able to view and discuss this using Dynamic Planner has been very helpful with solutions and we are pleased to support single strategy funds in the same way,” he added.

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