Personal development: Well and truly unleashed!

24 June 2021

Michelle Hoskin recently attended one of Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within events. Here she provides some take-aways from the event and why she’s booked to take part in the next event in June 2021.

As you know I am all about takeaways – I see very little point in spending time, effort, love or money on anything that doesn’t pay you back in some way, ideally tenfold!

I’ve heard about Tony Robbins for years and was recently invited to join a close friend, Stuart Poonawala, as he attended Tony’s UPW virtual event in March. I realised this was an opportunity to do something different and something purely for me, and WOWW!® what an amazing few days!

Despite being totally sleep deprived, I loved it…. full 14-hour days where we worked through the night into the early hours of the morning, joined by more than 70,000 people from 136 countries! I’m not sure how much more global you can get! There were so many people logging in, we actually broke Zoom at one point! We were put into breakout rooms where we got to interact with people from across the world, of all shapes and sizes and with similar challenges in their lives. We learned we are not unique! We are in fact part of one, big, global family of amazing people who are all trying to have an amazing life by doing what really matters to us!

Before I go any further – take a look for yourself!: UPW VIRTUAL RECAP ON YOUTUBE . What did I take away from this marathon of virtual coaching? Here’s a snippet…

Don’t dim your light

We are all carrying around a ridiculous amount of limiting beliefs… beliefs that quite simply DO NOT serve us! In fact in many cases they hold us back from achieving our absolute potential.

I had a massive limiting belief which was ‘I am too much!’ but actually what I’ve realised is that I am absolutely enough and that, by dimming my light, I am simply hiding myself from many who need what I have to give so much! Needless to say I have well and truly snapped out of it… so you’d better hang on to your hats!

The magic power of perception

We can bend time; it is not a set-in-stone ‘thing’, it is an emotion. This is why time sometimes seems to last ages and other times it seems to pass in a blink of an eye. It’s all about our perception of it. What makes work and play different (because let’s face it we often love our playtime more than our work time)? It’s the emotion behind what we give our time to, or don’t. When you hold dear any aspect of your life and what you want to do, your focus becomes so much clearer, and you can always ‘find’ more time!

Choose your words carefully

Language is key! Whether it is external or internal talk, words matter and the story that you are telling will either catapult you towards your future life or into oblivion! It’s our choice. Limiting beliefs and our own frames of reference will have a huge impact on the words that we choose. So, take a step back, and try to spot and consider what you say and how you say it, both to yourself and to others!

Where our focus goes, our energy flows

Let me ask you, what are you focusing on right now and are the results that you want to achieve crystal clear in your own mind? If they are not, you could literally end up anywhere! Let me also ask you how much energy do you feel you have right now? On a scale of 1–10, are you a 2, or a 10, or somewhere floating around in the middle? Is this where you want to be? These are important questions because our energy is flowing – or not – in the direction of our focus and we owe it to ourselves to make sure we are as energised as we can be and heading in the right direction!

Are your problems real?

In reference to limiting beliefs, Tony asks whether our problems are really problems or just thoughts? We need to know for sure because only then can we decide how to deal with or simply bin them! There’s a really great saying: “We don’t see things as they are; we see them as WE are.” Maybe some of our problems aren’t really problems at all, maybe they are exactly what we need right now to make us up our game, step out of our comfort zone and shake up our world a little?

The power of immersion

Tony talked a great deal about the power of immersing yourself fully in whatever you are doing – not only with depth but with absolute focus. I have always said, if you are going to do something do it properly! Now I am going to change that little saying to “if you are going to achieve something awesome, focus on it immensely!”

Being resource-full

It’s not about the resources we have, its about how resourceful we are able to become with them. Like many of you, we too are a lean business; we don’t have any wastage in resources and often I hear from both clients’ teams and my own how busy they are and that they need this or they need that. In part that might be true, but my first question from now on will be this: “Is it actually resources that you need or do you just need to be more resource-full?” In other words, is there a way to achieve what we want to achieve with what we already have? It’s so bang on point! So, before you start jumping in for your next hire, take a moment to reflect upon how resource-full your current team might in fact be.

Final firecrackers!

Last but not least… here are a few firecrackers to close with a bang!:

“When you break… is the moment that you realise who you truly are!” – Tony Robbins

“We have one shot at this… and it’s all we need!” – Tony Robbins

“How far are you really prepared to go!” – Tony Robbins

“Authenticity won’t guarantee success, but inauthenticity certainly will!” – Jamie Kern Lima (Founder of It CosmeticsTM and speaker at UPW2021)

To pay it forward, I am doing UPW again in June on UK time ( I have invited three of my closest girlfriends (including the amazing Dee from our team) to share the experience with me and I hope they will get as much inspiration from it as I did!

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