Clients are never too young to write a Will

29 September 2019

Clients of all ages should be encouraged to write a will, as stats show that millions of individuals consider themselves too young to need a will.

According to will-writing service Farewill, the question of age remains one of the biggest inhibitors to writing a will, with 31 million Brits deciding they are too young. However, clients need to give thought to who and what requires protection, rather than when is considered a good time to write a will.

For unmarried clients in a relationship, a will is required to secure their partner’s financial future, while those clients with children will need to appoint legal guardians. Those who own their own home must also give consideration to whom they would like to pass it on, along with any savings.

Dan Garrett, CEO and co-founder, Farewill, said: “The truth about writing a will is that it has absolutely nothing to do with your age. People write a will for a number of reasons but the general underlying theme is protecting what you have, whether that’s children, a home, assets or your partner.

“The question of when to write a will should therefore be changed to who (and what) do I have that’s worth protecting. When we take the time to truly think about what we have and want to protect, it doesn’t make sense that the number of adults without a will in the UK is at an all-time high.”

Professional Paraplanner