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CII to examine firms’ diversity policy impact

29 July 2020

The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) has vowed to make sure that the diversity policies adopted by chartered firms are making a positive difference to the make-up of the industry. 

From 2021, the CII will request examples of the impact firms’ diversity policies are having when they wish to renew their status.

Last summer, the professional body unveiled five actions it would take to ensure its Corporate Chartered Status is modern and and positively contributes to the wider profession, including a requirement for companies to have a diversity and inclusion policy from July 2019.

More than 900 firms that wish to retain their chartered status in 2020 have confirmed they will have a diversity and inclusion policy in place by the end of this year.

Melissa Collett, professional standards director, CII, said: “It is vital the requirements for Corporate Chartered status ensure the profession remains modern, relevant and diverse.

“Corporate Chartered Status requirements are continually reviewed to ensure relevance and are overseen by the CII’s Professional Standards Committee, which is chaired by an independent legal practitioner and includes representatives from across the profession as well as consumer groups.

“We believe that by actively listening to the feedback from stakeholders, we can continue to build public trust in a more diverse, inclusive and united profession.”

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