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CashCalc marks milestone

27 August 2019

CashCalc reports its cashflow modelling software has topped 12k registered users and £100bn funds under calculation.

Joseph Williams, marketing director Cashcalc attributed the success of the software to its development “based on feedback made by our users”.

“Because we receive so much constructive feedback every single day, we’re relentlessly improving what we offer based on the ideas and experiences of regulated financial advisers across the UK.

Williams said the platform had added 3,000 registered account holders during the last 12 months, indicating that the use of cashflow planning is still on the rise within the profession.

“In our opinion (and regardless of which provider you use), an increased usage in cashflow modelling can only be a good thing and we certainly hope you have seen the benefits,” he added.

“Plus, if we dive further into these stats, we’ll see the speed at which cashflow planning usage in the UK has risen. During the time between May 2014 and August 2018, the number of funds entered into the cashflow planning tool totalled £50 billion. This is the sum of the total liquid assets of every client entered into CashCalc. That’s every personal pension or Cash ISA for example.

“However, during the last 12 months alone, the number of funds entered has doubled to over £100 billion – that’s an increase of 100% and a figure which rivals some seriously big companies.

“We believe there is a movement afoot, an evolution in how we conduct financial advice. And we are here to help.”

CashCalc was voted Best Non-Research Software in the Professional Paraplanner awards this summer. Ray Adams of CashCalc (pictured) has been speaking at selected Professional Paraplanner Technical Insight Seminars.

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