APRIL 2021


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BTS to deliver R0 workshops for PFS in Midlands

5 April 2021

Bespoke Training Services (BTS) is delivering virtual R0 workshops to Leicester and Nottingham Insurance Institute members for R01-R04.

The two-day workshop programme was piloted in Q1 2021 and is to continue subsidised by BTS and the PFS Insurance Institutes of Leicester and Nottingham on a quarterly basis, offering one workshop in each quarter on the four R0 exams.

“Many R0 candidates have no access to in-house training support, which can be really tough for some candidates. With some of the R0 subjects, you need a qualified facilitator to explain key concepts to you, to ask questions of, and to focus your mind on the exam standard itself,” says Luiza Todd, director and trainer at BTS.

“Such support can be outside the financial reach of some candidates. Self-funding through the six R0 papers can be a big ask, especially if you are unlucky enough to not quite meet the examining body standard first time round and have to pay for a resit. The fact that these days are subsidised by both the PFS and BTS makes them way more accessible for candidates.”

Todd adds: “We are covering the subject areas members historically find the most difficult. Many candidates still have no idea that they have choice and options in terms of the R0 support materials they use. They assume that the examining body materials are their ‘default’ choice. These workshops show them that this is not, nor should it be, the case.”

The next workshop on offer is an R01 on 23rd and 26th April.

PFS members can find out more here.

About Bespoke Training Solutions
Bespoke Training Solutions (BTS) have been supporting regulated exams for 17 years, specialising in R0 support with outstanding candidate tracked results and feedback. Resources include digital and printed study guides, group and 1:1 training, e-Learning modules and a mobile app of practise exam questions. Visit www.bespoketrainingsolutions.com to learn more on how BTS can help you on your regulated journey.

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