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AIC issues videos on infrastructure and renewable energy investments

6 October 2019

The Association of Investment Companies has released two educational videos on infrastructure and renewable energy infrastructure investment companies to highlight the benefits and risks of investing in this area.

The videos explore what investment companies in the infrastructure and renewable energy infrastructure sectors invest in and what they offer to investors as well as the advantages and disadvantages of investing.

The videos follow significant growth in both sectors. The infrastructure sector launched in 2006 with assets of £246 million, while renewable energy infrastructure launched in 2013 with assets of £847 million. At the end of August 2019, infrastructure and renewable energy infrastructure had total assets of £10.066 billion and £7.758 billion respectively, growth of 3,992% and 816%.

Annabel Brodie-Smith, communications director, AIC, said: “The infrastructure and renewable energy infrastructure sectors have grown rapidly and are now two of the biggest investment company sectors. They are popular with investors because of the high levels of income they pay and the diversification they offer away from shares and bonds.

“However, there can be confusion about what they invest in and the role they play in society. We hope these videos will help to explain what infrastructure investment companies do, as well as exploring the benefits to investors, society and the environment.”

The videos are part of the AIC’s educational programme on the infrastructure sector which includes an hour-long online training course for advisers and wealth managers.

The videos are available on the AIC website video page.

Watch ‘Infrastructure investment companies’ video here

Watch ‘Renewable energy infrastructure investment companies’ video here

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