September 2017


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  • Will an increase in CGT rates be on the chancellor’s Budget agenda?

    7 March 2017

    Phil Cook, private client partner at Thomas Miller Investment, considers the potential for Philip Hammond to increase capital gains tax (CGT) in the Spring Budget. With the Chancellor considering raising taxes to provide parachute funding for Social Care this year, it is likely he may increase capital gains taxes in tomorrow’s Budget.  The Conservative Government has guaranteed...

  • My chief ask of Philip Hammond

    6 March 2017

    If the Chancellor did one thing for financial planning in his upcoming Budget, Rachael Griffin, tax and financial planning expert at Old Mutual Wealth, would ask that he did this. We aren’t expecting much from Philip Hammond during the last spring budget. He isn’t the same style of showman as is his predecessor and is more...

  • Rachel Vahey of Nucleus declares her Budget wish list

    2 March 2017

    Ahead of the 8 March Spring Budget, Rachel Vahey, product technical manager, Nucleus Financial, says what she would like to see come out of the Chancellor’s briefcase. The last couple of years has been a hot-bed for rumours about the reduction in pensions tax relief for higher-rate taxpayers. But despite the on-going speculation, no...

  • Tax issues: Looking ahead to the Spring Budget next week

    2 March 2017

    Here we present views from tax specialists at KPMG in the UK of what might be in the budget and what they would like to see Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond address in the last Spring Budget. Overview from Michelle Quest, head of Tax  Many are expecting a somewhat ‘boring Budget’ from Philip...

  • Technical: IHT – declaring, who pays and how?

    21 February 2017

    Kim Jarvis, technical manager at Canada Life, continues her series of articles for Professional Paraplanner on IHT and estate planning. In her first two articles she considered what should be included in a deceased’s estate, how it was valued and the main exemptions and reliefs that are available on death. In this article she...

  • Technical: Changes to the non-UK domiciles rules effective April 2017

    12 February 2017

    Neil Jones, technical support manager, Canada Life, highlights the changes when financial planning for non-UK domiciles with overseas assets The treatment of non-UK domiciles that are resident in the UK has, in some circles, been a contentious issue for a number of years. The tax rules for non-domiciled individuals have been around for centuries...

  • New series: Inheritance Tax and estate planning – article 2, exemptions and reliefs

    8 February 2017

    In this second article in the series on IHT and estate planning from Canada Life, Kim Jarvis, technical manager, looks at the main exemptions and reliefs that are available on death. Nil rate band Under current rules, any part of the estate that falls within the available nil rate band (NRB), currently £325,000 until...

  • Tax disadvantages of co-habiting couples

    6 February 2017

    While co-habiting couples make up three million households in the UK, they remain at a significant tax disadvantage compared to married couples, says Kay Ingram, director of national financial planners, LEBC Group. As thoughts turn to romance with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, it is timely for those in long-term relationships, but not yet married,...