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SimplyBiz Group to use iPipeline’s SolutionBuilder protection comparison software

13 November 2019

SimplyBiz Group has selected iPipeline’s SolutionBuilder to enhance its member firms’ protection propositions.

The protection research, quote and apply tool allows advice firms to compare all protection needs in accordance with a client’s specific needs and budget and to share and review their options with the client.

SimplyBiz is offering all those who use its services access to SolutionBuilder®, in order to help them grow and expand their protection business.

Martin Reynolds, Chief Executive, SimplyBiz said the move would help its member firms “to continue to produce good customer outcomes and further futureproof their protection advice processes.

“Advisers will be able to review a wider range of options and costs with their customers, resulting in a more seamless and efficient process overall. Being able to highlight the risks of insufficient cover, or none at all, means advisers can tailor individual protection conversations to help encourage greater volumes of financial security”.

Paul Yates, Product Strategy Director, iPipeline (pictured) added: “Providing advisers with great technology that helps them demonstrate to customers the need and affordability of protection is key.”

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