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Selectapension adds cashflow modelling functionality

3 June 2020

Selectapension has added a full cashflow modelling to its offering.

The pension and investment planning company said the new functionality is being offered as standard with all Cashflow & Drawdown Strategies subscriptions and all existing Drawdown & Annuity subscribers are being automatically upgraded to the new tool, free of charge.

The overall cashflow & drawdown strategies tool provides users with an end-to-end retirement planning solution, combining fully-featured cashflow analysis with independent product research and cost comparisons, and stress testing.

The aim is to provide a comprehensive software capability which reduces the need for users to have to dip in and out of different software for client analyses.

The company said the cashflow modelling functionality also would be added to its defined benefit transfer analysis tool from June, to meet COBS 4 requirements.

Andy McCabe, managing director Selectapension (pictured), said: “Cashflow planning is an integral part of a holistic financial planning process, so we wanted to embed a really excellent cashflow tool within our existing system.

“The Cashflow & Drawdown Strategies tool provides a truly comprehensive solution that is easy to use and produces excellent, compliant client reports.”

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