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New features of Standard Life wrap

3 September 2020

Standard Life has unveiled new features on its Wrap platform including a client portal, following adviser feedback for a more personalised digital experience.

Advisers will decide how much information is available to each of their clients using the portal and it can be configured to feature the adviser’s branding and contact details as well as their preferred asset class tier view and return calculation.

Alongside the portal, Standard Life has upgraded its data security and accessibility for clients through a new authentication process.

Clients who do not wish to access their information online or are not interested in lots of detail can receive a “simplified” report instead, which will provide a snapshot of their account in an easy-to-use format.

Standard Life CEO Noel Butwell said the developments were a direct result of adviser feedback.

He said: “The continuous investment we’re making in our wrap platform’s reporting capabilities will help advisers manage clients in a world where demand for more personalised digital experiences continues to grow

“The client portal and reporting improvements have been in the works for some time. These haven’t been developed in direct response to Covid-19, but the technology’s value has certainly been underlined by the pandemic.

“Today, clients want instant access to a clear view of their finances. The technology allows them to do so independently, giving advisers more capacity in their business or time to support clients with more complex requests.”

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