New adviser tools to follow Fidelity FundsNetwork rebrand

27 January 2022

Fidelity FundsNetwork has changed its name to Fidelity Adviser Solutions and has announced new adviser financial planning and ESG tools to be launched shortly.

Head of the business, Jackie Boylan (pictured), said the change to the brand was about reflecting the change to the platform’s services over its 21+ years.  “We feel it is the right time for our brand to reflect more closely the services we provide to our clients and the exciting developments we have planned.”

Fidelity Adviser Solutions states its goal is to help adviser firms to “build strong, profitable and sustainable businesses and to give you all the support you need. In particular, we want to make your working life easier, whatever role you perform for your firm.”

Boylan added that when FundsNetwork was launched in 2000, it was one of the first platforms to appear in the UK market and platforms then were known as fund supermarkets. “But clearly, now we offer so much more than just funds – we have Exchange Traded Investments and other features such as adviser tools, access to DFM services and reporting as well as a broader set of wrappers, including pensions. As a result, she said FundsNetwork as a name is not as relevant as it was at launch. “We believe Fidelity Adviser Solutions is much more representative of our long-term vision, providing advisers with not just products and wrappers but a whole host of value-added services that make it easier for them to do business.”

Also, in the pipeline for 2022, Boylan said, is a focus on increasing efficiency, helping advice firms to cut down the time they spend on administration, and digitising the adviser solutions, including introducing APIs to help integrate with adviser CRM systems, on which they are working closely with the Origo Integration Hub.

She highlighted adviser tooling as “another key and exciting area of focus” for the service. “We are about to launch a user-friendly financial planning tool that assists an adviser to quickly come up with the best possible financial plan for their clients.”

Another major development to be launched this year, she said, was ESG tooling. “We want to make it easy for advisers to identify appropriate sustainable options for their clients and to track the impact these funds are having.”

Professional Paraplanner