JUNE 2021

18 June 2021

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Included inside:

Cover story: Is it time to go outsourced? 

In the new more virtual business environment, is it time you considered moving your career from in-house to outsourced? Fiona Bond talks to outsourced paraplanners about their experiences and views of the current market

Dan Atkinson 

This issue Dan asks: What does it mean to be wealthy? And how does that affect the paraplanning role?

Exam R0 focus 

In a new series for Professional Paraplanner, Bespoke Training Solutions’ Luiza Todd addresses common questions the firm has been asked over the years, whilst supporting R0 candidates through their regulated exams.

Residence Nil Rate Band 

The Brand Financial Training team examine the rules around the residence nil rate band, providing examples to help clarify how the rules apply in practice.

Lifetime allowance protection

With so many different variations to consider, lifetime allowance (LTA) protection is now a complicated area of the pension rules. Curtis Banks’ pension technical manager Jessica List provides a summary of the key features of each type of protection

Suitability tech

Technology can be used to both ensure greater accuracy of data and speed up the investment suitability process, says Ross Laurie, CEO, Visible Capital

Well and truly unleashed!
Michelle Hoskin recently attended one of Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within events. Here she provides some take-aways from the event and why she’s booked to take part in the next event in June 2021.


Investment trusts: The opportunities ahead
Rob Murphy, managing director of Financials at Edison Group, examines the trends and opportunities in investment trusts 2021

Europe’s emerging technology sector

Could Europe benefit from the next stage in tech sector evolution? Jamie Mills O’Brien, Investment Manager at Aberdeen Standard Investments believes it is positioned to do so.

Global income
Asia’s dividend history has been overshadowed by it’s growth story – so don’t overlook the region when it comes to dividend recovery, says Darius McDermott, managing director, FundCalibre

Buy and sell disciplines 

It’s important to minimise emotional input when buying and selling stocks. Anthony Rayner explains the approach adopted by the Macro Thematic Multi Asset Team at Premier Miton Investments.

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