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Lowes launches new 8:8 Plan after Investec departure

5 April 2021

Lowes has teamed up with Mariana Capital to launch the latest in its series of 8:8 plans, after Investec announced it would withdraw from the UK Retail structured products sector.

The 8:8 plan April 2021 is a maximum eight-year investment, targeting a return of 3.25% for each six-month period it runs, with the possibility of early maturity and full repayment of the initial capital from the end of the plan’s second year and every six months thereafter.

The new plan, which launches on April 30, follows the successful maturity of the Investec/Lowes 8:8 plan issue 1 at the start of March this year, which gave investors a gain of 22.5% plus the original capital, against the index being down 7% over three years.

The financial adviser group said the new plan could appeal to investors that want to reinvest some or all of their 8:8 maturity proceeds, as well as new investors.

Ian Lowes, managing director, Lowes, said: “I believe structured products are one of the best kept secrets of the retail financial planning universe. Most people should know about these innovative investment solutions but they’re simply not on their radars. The results have been very impressive – the Investec/Lowes 8:8 plan issue one was the 1,001stinvestment of its type to mature for UK retail investors – all but 8 of those produced attractive gains.”

The new 8:8 plan uses the FTSE CSDI Index, created specifically for structured products, and the performance of which closely correlates with the FTSE 100, tracking the same shares.

The minimum investment for the latest launch is £5,000, and investors have up until 23 April to submit applications to invest, with a strike date of 30 April.

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