i4C adds lifetime allowance (LTA) functionality to cashflow tool

13 February 2020

Uk based cashflow planning software provider i4C has added lifetime allowance (LTA) functionality to its forecasting tool.

With increasing numbers of people likely to be impacted by the complex lifetime allowance charges in the future, i4C said it is critical that a cashflow application can automatically calculate these charges and incorporate them into a client’s financial plan.

The functionality covers:

  • All types of LTA protection
  • PCLS protection (impact of Enhanced or Primary, scheme specific)
  • The ability to proportion LTA charges upon death across all pensions
  • Adjustable crystallisation order

The company said the new LTA functionality would save financial planners time, whilst the suite of graphs and outputs will “help engage clients in LTA discussions”.

Mark Harman, managing director i4C (pictured), said it was essential that a cashflow modelling application “allows users to manage all of their clients on a single system.

“This update makes it significantly easier for our users to plan for clients with LTA consideration whilst staying true to our goal of being extremely easy to use for the simplest of clients.”

Professional Paraplanner