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Hanging up the red braces – Justin Urquhart Stewart retires

9 December 2019

7IM co-founder Justin Urquhart Stewart has announced he is to retire and step down from his full-time position with the firm.

However, 7IM said he will be taking on a new ambassadorial role from January 2020, in which he will continue to represent the firm both as an ambassador and adviser to the business.

Urquhart Stewart was one of the original founders who set up the firm in 2002, and grew it from a fledging investment management company into a diverse firm offering investment services to both the intermediary and private client markets and employing over 300  staff and with over £14bn of assets under management.

7IM said that during this time, Urquhart Stewart helped launch the first multi-manager funds in the market, 7IM’s AAP passive multi-asset funds, the 7IMagine app and more recently 7IM’s Retirement Income Service as well as 7IM’s ultra-low cost Pathway Model Portfolios.

Urquhart Stewart said: “Over the last two decades it has been a great privilege to watch 7IM grow from an idea to a dynamic business looking after over £14bn worth of assets for its clients. As I take this next step, I do so in the comfort of knowing we have a highly capable and experienced senior management team in place who will be able to take the business forward.

“I’m delighted and privileged to be continuing to work with the firm in an ambassadorial role, and am excited to see Dean and the wider team write the next chapter of 7IM’s history.”

Dean Proctor, CEO, 7IM, said the firm was “incredibly appreciative for everything Justin has done and will continue to do for 7IM.

“Justin is one of the most respected and recognised industry figures so we are delighted that we are still able to retain his knowledge, expertise and counsel within the business.

“His advice will be pivotal as we continue to grow and innovate, and we have invested in bringing fresh and diverse talent into the business, creating a new generation ready to step into Justin’s shoes – if not his red braces!”

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