ESG Investing: From conversation to investment – 26 July 2022: 12.30pm

14 July 2022

Our latest Investment Committee webinar focusses on practical elements of fact finding, researching and advising on ESG investments.

Join Matthew Parlour from Eden Tree, who so many of you will remember presenting brilliantly for Invesco at our Technical Insight Seminars in the past, for what we expect to be popular presentation.

Date and time: 26 July 2022: 12.30pm


With new guidance on the way from the regulator, how should you consider adapting your existing advice process to incorporate your client’s preferences around the sustainability of their investments?

What questions should you ask? What language could you use? What examples are likely to resonate with clients? And then, of course there is the risk of greenwashing.

This session will focus upon practical answers to questions posed, and share best practice, based upon our conversations with advisers and other like-minded professionals about how to link that conversation to a suitable ESG investment.

Key Learning Outcomes

• Explain the concept of ESG investing and how it sits within the range of investment options
• Describe how ESG can potentially impact investment decisions
• Consider how to include ESG considerations in your client conversations and advice process

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