Exam preparation: R0 Focus – R06

18 June 2021

In a new series for Professional Paraplanner, Bespoke Training Solutions’ Luiza Todd addresses common questions the firm has been asked over the years, whilst supporting R0 candidates through their regulated exams.

This article was first published in the June issue of Professional Paraplanner.

How often can the R06 Financial Planning Practice exam be taken?

Unlike R01 – R05, which can be sat 7 days a week, the R06 exam has four sittings each year. Generally, these are in January, April, July and October. However, the CII always reserve the right to surprise us with sitting dates – in 2021 the January exam sitting was actually in February, whereas October’s exam will be sat in September. For each sitting exam times are staggered across candidates, with slightly different start times. If the sitting is scheduled for an afternoon some candidates may start at 12.30, others at 1pm, some at 1.30pm etc… Suffice to say all exams are scheduled around the same time, so all candidates roughly start around the same time, not mixing and matching am and pm starts.

R06 is a written case study exam with two unique case studies released for each sitting. The two exam case studies are usually released two and a half weeks before the exam date. The questions asked will only be revealed on the day of the exam. There are a variety of study support options available (BTS included) that provide an analysis of the published case studies and a selection of possible questions and answers that may come up in the exam. Attendance on a revision workshop may be a good investment, as candidates can struggle with this paper, as it is so different to R01 to R05.

Results are generally available six weeks later. Exam results dates can be found on the CII website: https://www.cii.co.uk/learning/qualifications/assessment-information/before-the-exam/important-exam-deadlines/. Candidates will need to go into the ‘My Learning’ part of the website to access their results on the day. This will be found on the ‘Bookings and Results’ page.

Because this exam can only be sat on fixed dates in the year it is a good idea to factor this into your overall Diploma study plan. BTS recommend candidates sit R01 – R05 before attempting R06 due to the level of knowledge of tax, pensions, investment, and financial protection often required in the case studies. The CII recommend 100 hours of study for R06, so getting a target R06 exam date in your Diploma study plan will give you something to work towards.

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