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Cathi Harrison’s Art of Finance offers 50% off all online courses

23 October 2020

The Art of Finance is offering 50% off all their online courses until the end of the year.

The courses and programmes are suitable for range of roles and experience levels. There are specific courses focussed on the areas of Paraplanning, Compliance, Administration, Suitability, Defined Benefits and more, plus a range of general financial services business topics.

The courses are delivered as e-learning (via their online learning platform) and are designed for independent learning – meaning students can learn at a time and pace that suits them and their personal commitments.

All educational content is broken down into bitesize units (making it easy to dip in and out of), includes a number of practical activities (to embed new knowledge and promote real-life application) and concludes with an assessment (a selection of multiple choice questions).

The range of courses and programmes, include:

  • The Art of Paraplanning
  • The Art of Compliance
  • The Art of Financial Admin
  • The Art of Defined Benefits
  • The Art of Suitability
  • The Art of Supervision
  • The Art of Effective SM&CR
  • The Art of Online Presenting
  • The Art of Understanding Finance
  • R01 – R04 exam revision refresher material
  • Plus a range of general business topics including GDPR, AML, Whistleblowing, Conduct Rules, Complaints and Anti-Bribery & Corruption

Find out more about their online courses and the discount code to use HERE.

During ‘We Are Live’, a magazine-style live event hosted by The Verve Group – comprising of Para-Sols (outsourced paraplanning), Apricity (outsourced compliance) and The Art of Finance (training solution) – CEO Cathi Harrison, explained that ‘despite the world being upside down right now, as an industry with a professional standing, it’s not an option for us to standstill when it comes to our professional development’. And so, their commitment to making sure that individuals continue to invest their own, or their teams, development was to offer a discount which makes training and learning and development budgets much more comfortable.

You can watch back the ‘We Are Live’ event HERE.

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