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Aegon reinforces email security and communications for advisers

17 August 2020

Aegon UK has launched Unipass Mailock, a secure email communication system provided by Origo and Beyond Encryption, to add to the assurer’s data controls to prevent sensitive information being issued and secure data that might be at risk of cyber-crime.
The Unipass Mailock system uses advanced encryption to make sure both the sender and recipient can precisely authenticate each other’s identity, enabling providers, advisers and their clients to communicate knowing exactly who they are communicating with.
Origo provides secure email services and infrastructure to thousands of industry professionals and the company is seeking to help combat the threat of data breaches, particularly those by email, often resulting from human error.
As well as data breaches resulting from human error, fraud from email interception is a very real issue with figures from UK Finance* highlighting the Push Payment Fraud, resulted in hundreds of millions of pounds of losses last year. This form of fraud often involves the interception of emails and encouraging an individual to make a payment to an account controlled by a scammer.
Ronnie Taylor, chief distribution officer, at Aegon said: “This initiative is another enhancement designed to help keep advisers and their customers safe. We have a responsibility to protect sensitive data in all our communications and the launch of the Unipass Mailock system adds to the existing system controls we have in place to protect against fraud. The flexibility of the solution means that regardless of whether an adviser is already using it with their clients or it’s their first time, the integration with Unipass Identify makes it an effortless process.”
Anthony Rafferty, managing director, Origo flagged the regular reports of data breaches making cyber security an increasing issue for financial services firms.
“We are operating in a world where disclosure of information through cyber-crime and/or simple human error is now a threat on many levels, including regulatory, to providers, advisers and their clients alike.
“One way we can better keep our data and communications secure is by incorporating a military-grade encrypted email within our processes and procedures. This needs to become the norm if companies and individuals want to reduce risks when sending personal and confidential information via email.”

*UK Finance

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