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Zurich adds Clever MPS to platform

18 February 2020

Zurich has added Clever MPS to its intermediary platform, taking its total number of platform partnerships to 13.

Through CleverMPS, advisers can offer their clients the choice of five investment portfolios according to their appetite for risk and investment objectives, with exposure to at least six asset classes.

The technology behind CleverMPS analyses and selects the top funds within sectors, drawing fund data points each month in more than 380,000 calculations. If a fund’s ranking is shown to deteriorate, the managed portfolio service will automatically switch to the top fund within a sector in order to capture growth and preserve investors’ capital.

Advisers’ clients are sent a monthly email informing them of any changes to their investment portfolio.

Patrick Boughton, sales and marketing director, Clever, said: “At Clever we trust the complex algorithms to make rational fund switching recommendations, removing the potential of human interruption distorting the decision-making process – an issue that is high on the agenda for advisers and their clients.”

Alistair Wilson, head of retail platform strategy, added: ““We are continuing to expand our range of platform services for advisers and their clients. This addition of Clever’s quant-based investment portfolio service will help advisers to optimise their clients’ investment portfolio performance by choosing the right funds at the right time.”

See our article ‘Maths-Based Fund Selection’ with Colum Wilde and Nicola Cornish of Clever 

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