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Rise of the Paraplanner report – download your copy

9 December 2019

The Rise of the Paraplanner – published in association with Fidelity FundsNetwork – is the culmination of six years of research waves into paraplanning, its ever growing influence within financial advice/planning firms and importance within the market.

Published this summer, the report was made available to users of the FundsNetwork platform as well as the attendees of the Professional Paraplanner Technical Insight seminars this autumn.

NOW the report is being made available generally. Follow this LINK to the Fidelity FundsNetwork website where you will find the report for download.

On the same page you will find the Paraplanner Retirement Planning and Pension Toolkit, FundsNetwork’s resource developed for paraplanners, including a 112 page document of topical and technical insights as well as dedicated videos on specific topics – an invaluable asset in the financial planning process.

The Rise of the Paraplanner is a must-read for paraplanners and anyone interested in the paraplanning community and the work of paraplanners in their firms and within the industry.

The report identifies the demographics of the paraplanner, how the role is developing, where paraplanners sit within adviser firms, salary trends, how they approach research, due diligence and selection criteria, and assesses and predicts current and future trends in paraplanning.

It shows that not only is paraplanning now a core function within financial planning but paraplanners are being given greater responsibility and rising up the ranks within firms, with increasing numbers taking positions on investment committees, becoming key members of the management team and development committees, and in some cases joining the board.

Furthermore, paraplanners’ influence in the selection of pensions, investments, platforms and other services has grown significantly in the past five years, with 87% of paraplanners now having influence in the selection process – compared to 64%-75% in earlier studies.

The Rise of the Paraplanner can be downloaded here.


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