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Provider Awards – Winners and Highly Commended 2020

17 June 2020

Professional Paraplanner is pleased to announce the winners of the Professional Paraplanner Provider Awards 2020.

For these awards we ask our paraplanner readers to nominate the company they feel has given them the best overall service or has the best product or solution in each of the categories. Paraplanners can nominate one company per category and leave a comment as to why they believe the company should win the award. The winner is the company which receives the most nominations from paraplanners.

This year we have introduced highly commended awards to recognise companies chasing the leaders for all categories. This we felt was needed in particular in categories where there may be a dominant player in the market.

The table below shows the Winners and the Highly Commended companies in each of the categories.

Every nomination has to be specifically made by our paraplanner readers.

Our congratulations to all the companies listed below.



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