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Paraplanners organise virtual Friday coffee mornings

20 May 2020

Paraplanners Jackie Manning, Claire Lindsay and Caroline Stuart are running virtual coffee mornings from this Friday.

Paraplanners are invited to join them in an informal “chinwag… without any obligations, preparation or pressure”.

The chats will run every week, hosted by the Paraplanners Powwow and will take place via Zoom.

The first coffee morning is this Friday, 22 May, at 10am and will run for around an hour.

What is talked about is down to the participants, which, the organisers say, could include paraplanning but “could just as easily explore weekend plans, discuss what we’re reading or share our worries”.

The launch chat will also include ‘Lockdown Lingo Bingo’, the card can be downloaded here, and requires players to mark how many times they hear each phrase between before 10am on Friday. There are no prizes, it’s about the fun.

To join in you will need to register: use the link here.

The organisers will then email a link to the Zoom meeting at 9am on 22nd May, which is used to join the meeting at or after 10am. Note: requests for entry will be held in a ‘waiting room’ to start with to avoid Zoom overwhelm.

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