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Orbis makes third risk-rated fund available to retail investors 

15 January 2020

Orbis Investments has opened its third fund – the Global Cautious – to UK retail clients. 

The asset manager says this completes Orbis’s risk-rated range, which now offers   low-risk, medium and higher risk options, the Global Balanced and Global Equity already being available to investors.

The Orbis OEIC Global Cautious Fund will look to balance investment returns and the risk of loss using a bottom-up selection of global equities, fixed income and commodity-linked instruments to achieve growth on a three-year rolling basis. It may hold between 10% and 60% equities. It has a Defaqto risk rating of 4. The investment team is led by Alec Cutler.

The fund sits in the IA Targeted Absolute Return sector and aims to outperform the returns of its benchmark – 30% MSCI World Index and 70% JP Morgan Global Government Bond Index hedged into sterling.

The refundable performance fee structure which Orbis has running for the rest of its range will also apply to the Global cautious fund. Under this fee structure, clients pay no ongoing charges. They only pay a fee when the fund outperforms its benchmark and during periods of underperformance, fees are refunded to investors.

Marcel Bradshaw, head of UK retail at Orbis Investments, says: “The expansion of our suite of funds helps meet rising demand from investors and advisers for a lower-risk, diversified product and we are pleased to be able to offer options to suit a range of risk appetites.

“In these volatile and increasingly uncertain times, the challenge of balancing risk and reward is more difficult than ever. Our Global Cautious strategy aims to help investors with a low tolerance for risk meet this challenge through our time-tested approach to security selection and risk management.  This is underpinned by our team of 60 investment professionals located on the ground across the globe, working to uncover the best opportunities globally that are trading at a discount because others have overlooked them.

“In our new fund we continue to apply our consistently contrarian mindset, and our discipline to see our decisions through, which is what have stood us in good stead for three decades in our other strategies.”

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