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O&M Pension Solutions launch expands tools for advice firms

7 July 2020

O&M Pension Solutions* has launched a new financial planning software suite, branded as FinCalc.

The DB Pension Transfer solutions specialist said the launch of FinCalc meant the firm’s focus is on providing a wide range of tools and calculators to assist advice firms with meeting their client’s financial planning demands.

FinCalc is a cloud-based modular system with Cashflow Modelling and Transvas modules being available at launch. The Transvas module is the continuation of O&M’s commitment to providing TVC/TVA report analysis, whilst the cashflow modeller is the first part of their wider financial planning suite including elements such as ‘what if’ scenarios, stress testing, a client portal and full income tax calculations. A range of financial calculators are also available within FinCalc as standard.

O&M Pension Solution’s director, Jason Wykes (pictured), said: “This launch is the result of over three years of development, both for our TVC/TVA and cashflow modelling systems. The aim is to use our in-house actuarial and software expertise to provide a range of financial planning tools to the wider adviser market, at a very competitive price point.

“We have exciting plans for this year and beyond with new calculators and tools already in development and just like Tesla cars, FinCalc will keep improving over time with regular new features.”

* O&M Pension Solutions was setup as a separate company in 2013 as part of the split of O&M Systems, and specialised in the TVC/TVA software and services market.

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