APRIL 2021


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Just Group launches automated retirement advice service

17 March 2021

Just Group’s corporate solutions and advice business, HUB Financial Solutions, has launched an automated retirement advice service, called Destination Retirement, which the group says will “provide high quality, personalised solutions to retirees seeking to make the most of their pension savings”.

The service is available to employers, pension scheme trustees and corporate partners and will deliver regulated advice to staff, members and customers as part of benefits offerings.

Mercer has already signed to Destination Retirement to provide automated financial advice in the UK to Mercer’s UK corporate clients.

“Millions of customers accessing pension money risk sleepwalking into poorer retirements by failing to take financial advice,” said David Cooper, chief executive of HUB Group (pictured). “Destination Retirement is a game-changing automated advice service which has been specifically created to help engage, educate and deliver bespoke solutions and ongoing advice at modest cost to customers who otherwise would not seek professional help.”

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