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FTRC enhances Protection Guru with new information resource  

4 May 2020

FTRC’s Protection Guru resource hub has built new question sets using adviser feedback to give easier access to insurer information.

The new information resource, ‘Keeping policies in force’, utilises a searchable Q&A matrix, which makes it simple for advisers to search Protection information on areas including premium holidays, benefits reductions, sabbaticals/career breaks, waiver of premium, policy cancellations and bounced direct debits, so they know what each insurer is doing.

The new resource can be accessed at https://protectionguru.co.uk/coronavirus-microsite/ where, once an option, such as premium holidays, is selected there is a list of questions preceded by a dropdown box where the user can select the provider whose data they want to view.

The answers provided by insurers then appear alongside the questions.  The data is drawn from a database which sits on the survey system that powers FTRC’s Quality Analyser advice engine.

Ian McKenna, Director at FTRC, said: “We built the question sets using feedback from advisers who have identified the information they want most. Insurers responses are delivered in a consistent style to ensure advisers can get the detail they need. Having easy-to-search access to this information will help advisers to keep policies in force, which is especially important during the Covid-19 crisis.”

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