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FE to run workshop on Analytics at Cardiff Technical Insight Seminar – Final places remain

25 June 2019

We are pleased to announce that the multi Professional Paraplanner award winners FE will be running a workshop at the Cardiff Technical Insight Seminar at the Vale Resort tomorrow. 

They will be joining the likes of Rory Percival, FundsNetwork, Dentons Pensions and CashCalc at what will be an extremely useful event for paraplanners. As always the event is free for paraplanners and those in a similar job function and is CPD accredited. This will be our first visit to Wales so we would like to see as many paraplanners as we can attend. The event kicks off at 9am and will finish early in the afternoon should you need to return to the office.

If you would like to join us – please drop Louisa Hooper an email at [email protected] If you would like to see the other dates for 2019 and register for an event near you – please click here.

Details of the FE session are below:

Enhance your Analytics

Explore features that will unlock additional insight, enhance your reporting, and streamline your use of Analytics; helping you get cases over the line faster and more frequently.

Analytics is a powerful tool providing access to over 300,000 instruments and includes over 80 features that can be used to pick, analyse and report on them. While those numbers may sound daunting they do break down quickly:

– You have more than 6 features to search and filter funds or portfolios to distil those 300,000 instruments to a shortlist suited to the task at hand
– Over 20 different charts and 7 tables that can be used to analyse them
– The ability to build portfolios and a suite of tools to assist in designing them
– More than 10 separate reports, and 5 different factsheets to communicate fund or portfolio characteristics to clients
– 5 different ratings to assist your analysis
– All complemented by a host of tools to support your process and streamline use

In summary, it is a versatile tool that is used in many different ways by many different people. The training events are there to help you find the suite of tools that best complement your process and ensure you are comfortable using them.

The last round of roadshow events hosted by FE around the country have been an excellent opportunity to get in the room with Analytics users, share knowledge of the tool, and receive user stories and feedback in return. It was great to see that, when asked how likely they would be to recommend the training events to a colleague on a scale of 1-10, over 80% awarded the event 8 or above.

So come and join us in Cardiff on 26th June to explore, and optimise your use of Analytics.

Professional Paraplanner