Investment Trust Insights Series – Biotechnology

7 October 2021

Biotechnology harnesses processes that help create a healthier future for us and the planet. This webinar covers the fundamental drivers and themes.
The session will be an introduction to the biotech sector and International Biotechnology Trust. It will focus on some of the key drivers of performance in the sector, the risks that are inherent in the sector, and how International Biotechnology Trust positions itself to reduce risks to the portfolio while maximising returns to its investors. It will also explain how IBT generates a yield for its investors from a low yield / high growth sector, and how the portfolio is constructed to include an element of venture investments alongside a larger quoted portfolio.
Learning objectives:
Participants will learn about:
– biotech, its drivers and regulatory environment
– new scientific advancements in the sector
– advantages of investing in a volatile sector through a closed end fund
– dividends paid from capital
– combining venture investing with a quoted portfolio
[Main image: biotech-laboratory-rephile-water-unsplash]

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