Infrastructure: The foundation for income and growth

7 October 2021

Tuesday 12th October at 10.30am
As investors grapple with low interest rates and a rollercoaster ride on the stock markets, we look at how infrastructure assets provide an alternative for those in search of income.

Investors need to look beyond traditional stocks and bonds in order to achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns and should consider infrastructure as part of a diversified portfolio. Investing in infrastructure allows investors exposure to sectors that have traditionally been less volatile and lowly correlated compared to wider equity markets. The sector is supported by the UK Government’s 2020 Budget, which set out a five-year plan to spend £640 billion on infrastructure.Join us on Tuesday 12th October at 10.30am where fund manager, Chris Cox, CFA will be taking a deeper dive into TIME:UK Infrastructure Income and highlight why infrastructure is becoming increasingly popular with investors.

Learning objectives
* Understand the importance of alternatives within the current market
* Identify the attractive characteristics of the infrastructure asset class
* Recognise that infrastructure assets can offer exposure to defensive sectors and companies that provide essential services


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