AF5 September 2022. Some practical guidance: 30 August 2022, 12:30pm

19 July 2022

Professional Paraplanner will be hosting a new webinar presented by Luiza Todd, Director of Bespoke Training Solutions (BTS). This follows feedback from previous PP / BTS collaborative webinars in 2022 offered to paraplanners prior to the R06 exam sittings asking for the same style of support but in relation to the advanced version of the R06 exam (so AF5).

Date and time: 30 August 2022, 12:30pm


August’s webinar will concentrate solely on the AF5 Financial Planning Process exam and look firstly at generic aspects of this exam, followed by a closer look at the actual September fact find, it’s keys facts and possible areas of examiner focus.

This webinar is a ‘must attend’ for any paraplanner that is either sitting September’s exam, or those that wish to learn more about the exam itself for a future sitting. Luiza is an experienced and lively presenter – the hour will not be dull, we can promise you that!

Professional Paraplanner