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  • Your April 2021 Magazine is live

    24 March 2021

    Are you signed up to the Professional Paraplanner daily website alert? For more technical, tax, pensions, investment, retirement, protection and paraplanner community news and analysis, and to keep up with the latest in our series of Technical Insight and Investment Committee Webinars, SIGN UP HERE. We issue one email a day, at 8am. ACCESS...

  • That was the Tax Admin Day that was

    23 March 2021

    Tax Administration Day, which was announced to complement the March 2021 Budget, raised a raft of speculation around potential consultations and changes to, amongst others, capital gains tax (CGT) and inheritance tax (IHT). In reality, the 16 page document (including covers) focussed on administrative changes to improve the administration of the tax system, building...

  • Pensions at age 75 – the big event

    23 March 2021

    Turning 75 is still a big event in pension planning terms. In the fourth of her tax-focussed articles for Professional Paraplanner, Jessica List, pension technical manager, Curtis Banks, looks at three key areas where the rules change once someone reaches their 75th birthday. 1. Contribution tax relief Once a person turns 75, personal and...

  • More clients will be affected by IHT, and BPR could help them

    21 March 2021

    For professional advisers and paraplanners only. Not to be relied upon by retail investors. March saw the Chancellor set out the government’s plans to support an economic recovery following Covid-19 and to help rebalance public finances over the longer term. The Budget announced important inheritance tax thresholds – both the nil-rate band and main...

  • Tax Admin Day – what might be on the cards?

    18 March 2021

    With the Government’s “tax consultation day” less than a week away, what might be on the cards for investors. Despite earlier speculation, the Chancellor failed to unveil any radical changes to taxes in the 3 March Budget. Pensions tax relief was left untouched, while wealth taxes including Capital Gains Tax (CGT) and Inheritance Tax...

  • Outlook for VCTs post-Covid-19

    17 March 2021

    As a a vital source of support for the UK’s growth businesses, VCTs should continue to attract investment in post pandemic economic environment, argues Bill Nixon, managing partner at Maven Capital Partners Approaching the end of the tax year, VCTs look set to match their fundraising figure from 2019-20 despite the impact of Covid-19....

  • Could protection 2016 still save the LTA day?

    16 March 2021

    Five years on, protection 2016 could still save the day in respect of the lifetime allowance, says Lisa Webster, senior technical consultant at AJ Bell. The Chancellor’s announcement to freeze the lifetime allowance came as no shock, given the story had been leaked a few days earlier. What was slightly surprising was the length of...

  • Gifting to younger generation – £293bn earmarked

    16 March 2021

    More than £293 billion has been earmarked for younger generations by parents and grandparents, according to The Openwork Partnership. Children and grandchildren can expect an early inheritance of nearly £9,500 each with three fifths (60%) of parents and grandparents planning to gift money before they die and as many as one in nine (11%)...

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