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The Paraplanner Club opens doors with 10 mentors

7 February 2021

Newly launched mentoring initiative The Paraplanner Club, will open its doors this week with 10 mentors on its books and a number of additional volunteers that it will be talking to over the next few weeks.

Created by paraplanners for paraplanners, The Paraplanner Club seeks to match paraplanners who require help or guidance with career, work-related or work/life issues with the mentor who can best provide some help on those issues.

Mentors will undertake no more than 1-2 conversations a week, say founders Siân Davies Cole and Chloe Phillips.

“The response to our launch has been terrific and we are oversubscribed with mentors at present,” says Davies Cole. “But as more paraplanners find out about the service and become mentees I’ve no doubt that will change.”

To access the service, a paraplanner registers via The Paraplanner Club website and completes an application form with their details and the kind of guidance they are seeking. They then receive a ‘Belief Evaluation’ which asks some key questions that will help the mentor better understand the mentee prior to the first conversation. It follows lines that Phillips has used successfully with staff during her career.

“The evaluation is a way for the mentor to better understand where the mentee is at present and provides a conversation starter, rather than going into the session cold. We expect each conversation to last around an hour and this helps take things forward from the outset,” says Phillips.

Both mentor and mentee sign a confidentiality agreement as part of the procedures prior to the first session.

“We are delighted at the response from paraplanners to become mentors and excited that The Paraplanner Club can begin helping paraplanners and prospective paraplanners who may need some guidance in their day-to-day work and careers,” says Davies Cole.

Paraplanners who want to know more, to book a session as a mentee or to become a mentor, can do so on The Paraplanner Club website:

Note: PP has been asked to mention that some automated responses from the Club have been diverted by some companies into Spam boxes. Therefore anyone applying should check their Spam in case the reply has gone there.

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