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SimplyBiz members given access to Wealthify online investment service

6 October 2020

SimplyBiz Group has partnered with Wealthify to give  SimplyBiz members access to Wealthify’s online investment service, at no additional cost, to help meet client demand for digital solutions.

By using Wealthify, the direct to customer investment platform advisers’ clients can start investing from just £100, making it an attractive option for clients who currently have small amounts to invest and are not commercially viable for advisers. Research from SimplyBiz Group’s Learning and Development events shows that 98% of advisers surveyed had clients in this category.

This new service uses the SimplyBiz Group’s strategic asset allocation model and means that clients can undertake a smooth transition back to the adviser, should they need personal financial advice in the future.

Richard Ardron, marketing director of The SimplyBiz Group said that towards the end of 2019 the firm had conducted a survey of its membership, “which told us they viewed adoption of technology, intergenerational advice and the servicing of unprofitable clients as the biggest opportunities for their businesses.

“Wealthify helps to embrace a number of those opportunities, and provides advisers with a simple, innovative addition to the services they can offer.”

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