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Paraplanner Head of Technical goes freelance

2 September 2019

Caroline Stuart has left her role as Head of Technical at Newark-based DB Wood to pursue a freelance career.

Caroline, who is paraplanner Member Director on the PFS Board and member of the PFS Paraplanner Panel, will be undertaking work for Unity Paraplanning, the outsourced paraplanning firm launched by Kat Mock in April this year (see the Paraplanner Profile in our May 2019 issue) as well as seeking freelance commissions.

Caroline said: “Stepping away from my head of technical role was a big decision but I am excited by the prospect of working with Kat on her new venture, which is already doing very well, and also finding my own clients.

“Paraplanning is a role that lends itself to outsourced work as it can provide flexibility and save costs for wealth and advice firms. I’ll be using my 17+ years of hands-on paraplanning experience to deliver a high quality service both for Unity and my own clients.”

Further information can be found at:

Professional Paraplanner