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Fidelity launches sustainable fund range

19 September 2019

Fidelity International has stepped up its ESG offering to investors with the launch of a new sustainable fund range. 

The Sustainable Family of Funds will offer two investment categories; best-in-class and sustainable thematic. The former will actively select companies that are high environmental, social and governance performers, while the latter will use an investment approach that addresses sustainability challenges or creates a positive value-add to society and the environment, the group said.

The new cross-asset fund range will consist of five products:
• Fidelity Funds – Sustainable Water and Waste fund
• FF – Sustainable Global Equity fund
• FF – Sustainable Eurozone Equity fund
• FF – Sustainable Reduced Carbon Bond fund
• FF – Sustainable Strategic Bond fund

Fidelity said its investment approach is underpinned by three pillars, centred on engagement, exclusion and the firm’s proprietary research, with the aim of ensuring companies meet certain sustainable standards and behave in a manner consistent with responsible investment values.

Jenn-Hui Tan, global head of stewardship and sustainable investing, Fidelity International, said that by investing in companies which operate high standards of sustainability it expects to “protect and enhance” investment returns for its clients.

Tan said: “ESG has long been integrated throughout our investment process and the Sustainable Family marks the next step in our evolving approach to sustainable investing in order to meet the growing demands of our clients around the world.

“Our deep corporate access gives us the opportunity to form a forward-looking view of the factors impacting a company’s ESG performance. This was recently enhanced with the launch of our proprietary sustainability ratings, which will greatly enhance our portfolio managers’ decision-making process and help us to focus on delivering long-term sustainable outcomes for investors.”

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